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Buy All Latest paying Yahoo Formats 2023

list of latest paying Yahoo formats 2023

In today’s article we gonna Bring you some of the latest paying formats at which guys uses to Cashout in the street.

as you already know, formats are the most important thing you must have and use to become a successful yahoo guy. as a beginner in the street we advise you always follow our platform for more updates.

over the years we have been able to compel 30 different format pdf guides at which you can use to Bill your client.

List of the latest paying formats 2023 are as follows


Bitcoin/HYIP Scam Format

This is another very simple scam format for yahoo that they use to cash out fast from unsuspecting internet users. It works the same way as the investment format (though in an investment scam, a scammer will lure you into an investment scheme with the purpose of stealing your money

Job scam yahoo format

Most people are looking for jobs, which will make them fall for this yahoo format. Looking for a job is stressful for most people, and they will jump on any given opportunity no matter how dubious

Credit Rating Scam

Just perhaps you don’t know, most Americans have bad credit. What this means is that they can’t afford a lot of luxuries like a new house, car, or even take a loan. The majority of them need their credit rating to access most of these needs. Unfortunately, scammers leverage this problem to scam desperate people looking to improve their credit overnight.

The Bomber Dating Format

According to scammers into the relationship scam, the bomber dating format is the latest scamming format to use, and my research shows this is a very common scam, so always be on the lookout.

This is a video I recently found online about this scam and I recommend you watch this eye-opening video to protect yourself online.

Hookup Format

A scammer using a female profile is probably using the hookup format.

A scammer can present themselves as a lady that a man would want, then if you ask them to come over for the weekend, they will try to bill you on transport fare or money for the flight. I have written more about the Hookup format for yahoo

Oil Rig Format

The scammer will try to know you well, then after a while, he comes up with the fact that he is an offshore worker who works as an Engineer with Shell or whatever energy company he has in his mind.

Typically, this doesn’t pose a problem till he starts to explain to you that he needs money to secure some oil contract and all that, then you know that he is up to something dangerous.

Loan Format

The truth is that most people in the United States can’t access loans because they don’t have good credit. So with the loan format, a scammer will try to give you the idea that you can get low-interest loans with any credit. If you are an interested client, the next step would be for the scammer to make you fill out a form, then apply for the loan (that doesn’t exist)

Accident Billing Format

Another billing format that a scammer can use to collect money from you as their client is the accident billing format.

Scammers also believe that this format works better when they combine it with other blazing formats like dating billing, gay format, military format, etc

Gay format

The gay billing format also works like the dating billing format yahoo scammers use to steal your money but this time, they present themselves as gay and interested in LGBT over a specific gender like a female.

Billing format for consignment

In the consignment format, a scammer needs to have a Picker who will be on standby to receive the money and wire it down to their account ASAP.

Grant Lotto Format

The average American wants to win a lottery in their lifetime. This has opened up a huge opportunity for scammers looking to leverage your desperation using the Grant Lotto Format.

Elon Musk Format

How Can you Scam People Using Elon Musk Yahoo Format

This is how elon musk format works

A new Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency giveaway scam called the “Elon Musk Mutual Aid Fund” or “Elon Musk Club” is being promoted through spam email campaigns that started over the past few weeks.

Before you dismiss these scams, saying that no one falls for them, similar crypto scams have been hugely successful and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past.

So Far, scammers made $180K in a single day in 2018, Twitter suffered a massive attack where crypto scammers earned $580K in a week in January 2021, and then another scam stole $145K in February.

Just last week, someone sent three bitcoin, or $150,074 at the time, to a known crypto giveaway scam.

How Do you Start Elon musk Scam Update Format?

If you’re interested in starting using this update, first is by targeting people on tiktok, Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc. promoting a new “Elon Musk Club” or “Elon Musk Mutual Aid Fund” giveaway.

Summary On List of Latest Paying Yahoo formats

We have mention some of the yahoo formats at which you can easily use on your clients for steady Cashout. message us on WhatsApp to Make your purchase of our 30 complex Latest Yahoo formats pdf files. at $60 Only.

In addition, we Can help you contact your clients for easy Cashout as we got tools and updates to get your job done. all you have to do is to submit your clients contact information and we assure you he /she is gonna pay under 2days of contacting. and many more

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