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Orphanage Billing Format For Yahoo

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There’s this orphanage home that I used to sponsor some where outside ….Its about a year now that I haven’t donated anything or offered any funds to them due to my work..You know it involves a lot of traveling….I just had an email from them that they need some items like shirts,shorts,shoes and whole lots of stuffs for the kids….You know I never had a child and I love children thats why am doing all this for them…With my situation now,am in Dubai now and can’t send anything out from here…am a total stranger out want to order some dresses,shoes,caps,verses etc to your adress so that later on,I will contact the UPS Shipping Company in Iowa to come and pick it up and then send it to its destination….I would have used any of my friends address but the problem is that,this UPS Shipping Company are not in some parts of their locality….And I’ve also heard that there is one is Iowa which is the best,so thats why am counting on you to agree so that I can make these orphanage home know that am thinking about them as well….And you must note one thing that this doesnt involve any payment of’ll be given a cheque later after the pick up..thats within some weeks…a week or two.Its so simple,if it arrives in your address,UPS comes to pick it up and then its sent to its destination….Thats all.Lets help to support these kids….I’ll look forward to your address and God will richly bless both of us for raising support to these kids…Thanks

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