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Blood Oath Format For Your Client

i guess everyone knows what blood oath is all about. in case you don’t understand kindly hit us on WhatsApp for further discussion. and don’t forget to follow us as we gonna be dropping more latest updates for you guys.

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We going to take a blood oath to keep this relationship for now and till eternity.Anything we say

here during the process of the oath is gonna be represented as the blood bounding us. Say after me

I promise to be together for better or for worse

I promise to be there in sickness and in health

I promise to always keep this love real
I promise to live with you no matter what the condition both in good and bad To always be there for one another

I Promise to give you everything I have

I Promise to forgive every single one of your sins

I promise to treat you better than anyone

I promise to make love to you every single night

I promise to love your children even when the times get hard

I Promise to teach you everything I know

I promise to help you fulfill your dreams

I Promise to hold every thing west and for each other

I promise to assist one an other in any thing,emotion and financial needs

Let this oath bind this love forever.For ever and forever till death do us apart

this is the oath as a blood covenant with you my love till death do us apart even in death.

Finaly I will keep to the guidance of the oath rules above and never for sake it for the rest of our life,we are now husband and wife forever and eternity till forever is no more,we are now two
souls in one,same heart same soul,

Therefore what God has joined together,no human being
must separate.

i love you my wife,yours husband,If I leave you the oath will kill me and if you leave me the oath will kill you that is blood oath so we shoud control our self and never to allow human come
between us no man most seprate us okay else we wll pay with our life because we took a blood

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