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Update – Wire Wire Format For Yahoo 2023

You probably know what wire transfer means but you’ve probably not heard of wire wire format, which is commonly “wire wire”. This is another yahoo scam I investigated and feel the general public needs to know to know how to tread safely online.

As a yahoo boy, one is supposed to know about the wire wire format once they have gotten to a certain advanced stage. But to execute this, they will need a team and many experts. This wire wire format for yahoo boys isn’t advisable if someone are just starting out, but when they want to advance, they have to start wire wire to cash out more.

In this article, I will be exposing you how to start wire wire as a yahoo boy to know how someone can scam companies and be able to protect yourself because this is what pays them more. Dating format, military, and other beginner formats which I have investigated and published for free are not as serious as this one.

I will be exposing so much information here so that internet users who don’t know how it works and block the scam will also be aware. But you have to know that wire wire pays massively, and anyone you meet online could be looking to give it a trial on you.

But remember that the risk involved in this scam format is much for the average con man, so they are typically just careful, or they will get caught.

To gain more insight into wire wire format for yahoo boys, here are some things you need to be aware of from my investigation that people know to start wire wire.

How Wire Wire Works

Most people see wire wire as a smart technical display wherein some unsolicited emails are sent to targeted victims.

This type of scam depends on the use of real email accounts that comes in a very deceptive way, to steal large sums of money or high jacking a database.

Wire wire comes when a victim will be compelled to wire money during a fictitious transaction. The scammer sends a fake check alongside a payment request.

Three Fundamentals to this Scam

Scammers hijack an internet domain name that visually resembles the name of the target organization. Now, this fake domain name may have differences in one extra letter or a number. One can become a victim if this difference is not noticed.

Another way on how to do wire wire is that specialized con artists conduct extensive research about a target organization, searching for the names and details of very senior financial officers and other staff members.
Scammers make use of the wire wire term ‘’social engineering’’ to hijack the name and official email address of their target company staff who is in charge of wiring large sums of money on behalf of the company. They disguise with the hijacked email address to speak with that high -profile staff with the sole intent of robbing that company.
a sample wire wire format email
Email wire wire yahoo boys send to a client

So let me show you how wire wire format scam works in details

In this section, I have covered what many yahoo boys really. Reading this publication is one thing but what you do with it is another, but my advice is that you share this post to help other internet users.

Below is how wire wire works:

Buy Email Logs

Since the target is big organizations and companies, they will have to infiltrate their emails and collect information.

There are always two people who they need to infiltrate and collect their emails.

2.CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Since they can’t infiltrate and buy their emails, some people sell them, and they can buy them easily.

Most of these guys are found on the dark web, so they can see how to buy email logs from the dark web or you can contact us.

Login and Search around the Email

The reason for buying the email log is to have access to their database and collect all possible information that the con may need. The con don’t need to do anything with the email or try to change their password or anything; that isn’t their concern.

They aim to look out for businesses that want to patronize the company and monitor the conversation to know when payments will be made.

Track Payments and Conversation

The next step is to track the conversation between the CEO and other businesses that want to patronize them.

They just make sure they know the email of the other company that wants to wire money. Then wait till they (an unsuspecting person) want to finalize payments.

Create a Duplicate Extension Name

Now, this is where the job gets technical because a yahoo boy have to perform some technical spoofing jobs.

So if the company’s name is Hyndra limited, and their website name is, a yahoo boy will have to change it.

What a wire wire yahoo guy will do with the wire wire format is to buy a duplicate website domain like (can you see the difference?) and build it to be just like the main company’s own.

This will make it difficult for anybody to know that the website is fake.

This technique is called “phishing,” – but this time around, they aren’t phishing for information. Instead, they are duplicating or cloning an already existing website.

Intercept the Transaction

Suppose you’re the target, they won’t let them send the invoice from the original company; they make sure they send the invoice and insert their account number where they will wire the money to.

A comment I came across on Twitter post says, “suggest you make use of a picker that will help you pick up the transaction and money. This is where the wire wire format is fully applied. This is basically how to start a wire wire scam and cash out.”

Pick the Money and Wire Back to China

This is the best place to send the money to, and they have to make it as fast as possible.

If the money is still in America and the company files a complaint, the con man and their picker will be arrested. So they have to act fast and move the money out of America immediately.

They could have another picker in Hong Kong or the China Republic that will receive the money from them once they wire the money back to China.

how wire wire format scam works
Image of How Wire Wire Works

Other Types of Wire Wire Formats someone Can Do

If a scammer can do the above type because of its complexity, then they can try any of these below. The truth is no wire wire format is simple, so they have to practice one and become a professional at the one being done online to unsuspecting people.

Nigerian Fund Transfer Scams

A scammer can claim to be a businessman or some survivor of a formerly wealthy family. To succeed in defrauding their victim, these con artists promise to offer a huge amount of money into your bank account in exchange for a small fee.

Sometimes, they can be generous enough to let you keep a portion of the money or give it out to charity. Immediately you oblige their request or instruction; they will ask you to provide your account details. They’ll mandate you to make payment for some service costs, including lawyer’s fees.

In the end, you won’t hear from them or get anything from them again. Meanwhile, the scammer has disappeared with the money you paid, including the personal information you provided. This is one way most Nigerian scammers know how to do wire wire.

Classified Ad Purchases – Fake Sellers

Con artists place fake advertisements for car sales or other higher value items and then request payment through wire transfer. Alternatively, they may suggest you make payment through a forged escrow company.

Classified Ad Purchases – Fake Buyers

Internet scammers go through online classifieds, newspapers, and auto sales journals for some unsuspecting victims. They get in contact with electronics dealers and those who sell cars, pretending to show interest in purchasing them.

What they do is to make payment using a fake check, with figures often above the normal price of the said item. Now, the seller will be mandated to wire the extra amount to someone else or return it to the buyer.

Typically, these con stars claim that the extra money is meant for a third party to ship the product. Another strategy is that they may offer payment with the right amount and then decide to pull out of the deal, asking you to pay them back.

Fake Lotteries

This is when a victim receives a certificate saying that he has won a check and a huge prize.

Now, that victim is asked to keep some of the money and wire a little portion of it, claiming it’s a processing fee or some taxes.

Immediately the money is wired, the victim will never get to see their so-called prize. It’s not easy to legally play a lottery and win prizes. That’s another way of knowing how to do wire wire.

Advance Fee Loans

A victim is encouraged to apply for a loan and asked to wire a certain payment as a processing fee to the lender.

Immediately the victim obliges that the loan never comes. Meanwhile, the cons have taken your bank account information and may likely steal your money.

Work at Home Programs

This happens when job seekers are offered part-time jobs as international representatives. The duty of these ‘’newly employed’’ is to deposit checks into their bank accounts, have some percentage as their commission, and wire the remaining to their new employer, being the scammers.

Of course, the checks are often bogus and useless. Sometimes, these con may use checks written by their past victims who bought items online but never received the products.

These same scammers now have direct access to their victim’s account details, can now make use of the account numbers to make a fake request to create an unauthorized withdrawal from your account.


Conclusively, it is obvious that wire wire is infiltrating the internet space mainly because of advancements in technology.

No doubt, most people involved in this scam practice are making serious money out of it, and this has inspired several young people to embrace the trade.

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