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New Olosho Billing Format [Exposed]

We spent so much time putting this into write up chat us if you’re interested in using the above format to get started immediately

I don’t accept my donations in cash,I get paid via cash app or PayPal

Yes I can make my why Wasself available for you 24/7

Incall or outcall, which do you prefer?

BBBJTC ( Bare back blow job to completion )

Do you need my services????
Wanna have fun with me??

Do you wanna come over now???

How many minutes or hours do you want to have me for ?

When would you like to meet and what’s on your mind?

Okay how many minutes or hours do you want, so I can tell you the rate

Ottawa Marriott Hotel
100 Kent st,Ottawa,ON

I am hosting at Ottawa Marriott Hotel, 100 Kent St

How long would it take you to get here???

You’re on your way I guess??

Hh(30 mins)-$100
1hour-30 mins-$300

How much have you got to offer me ??

Ok huh-100, full service and no restrictions

I’m clean and smooth, I also get supper wet.

Sorry that how I get paid……it my policy

But sweetie, I get paid half in card and half cash

Ok that’s $100 for 30mins, full service and no restrictions!!

Yes I do car run, bbbj is on the menu and I am clean, I hope you are

Yes I offer bareback

Sex without condom sweetie

A lot of people have been victims of bad experiences… it’s absolutely different with me. Sure you can come and meet with $50, I want regulars and repeated business so I accept your offer and I will leave you coming back for more

I believe you you need an escort service, that’s why you contacted initially, well when would you like to meet and have fun, unforgettable sweet moments?

What precise time will you like to meet?

Ok 4pm works, I will hit you up tomorrow before 4pm to confirm our meeting

Are we still good for 8:30 ??

My name is Daniella and you?

Nice meeting you John, and hope to see you in person soonest.

I have my discretion to protect, call lines can be tapped and traced

Are affiliated with the law enforcement?

Do you wanna come over now ???

Get $50 amazon card and bring $50 in cash

Sweetie get $100 steam wallet card and bring $100 in cash

I guess you on your way now,right???

Okay sweetie
Text me when you get to the store where you wanna get the card so I can see if you got the right card

Send me a receipt of it so I can confirm if it the right card

The receipt would be needed as well
Go grab it

Cause that how the service goes

The picture of the card scratched surface and a picture of the receipt is all needed now to get the card activated

Scratch the card and tell me what the code start with…..have not seen that type of amazon you got

I said scratch the card and send a picture of it to pay the hotel agent and wait for you at the lobby


I will be waiting, when at the store let me know to confirm you have the right card

Oh I see, check the shoppers drug mart… not far from the hotel

Or other stores on Kent

The card is compulsory cause I have to give that to someone and the cash is for me

I have to be sure you I will get paid and not have a client that will end up not paying me after everything or hand me fake bills

Won’t go out of bounds cause of an extra $20 tip

You can buy the card from any shoppers drug mart or gas station

I am asking for half in card and half in cash, I am cool with cash but I have to pay the agent as well

So the gift card goes to the agent and the cash is for me, no bs. I want repeated business and would like to make you a regular

So if you get the card, we get to meet okay. This is business so why would I not want to make money. I do need the cash, that you should understand

Ok no problem if you can’t work with my terms

But I see it as something easy getting my donation in cash and card

If you don’t want you can cancel, okay?

Ok can you send me the image of the card front and card so I know you have the right card and also what are you wearing?

So I can come pick you at the lobby

Ok, I will be with you in few minutes, meanwhile scratch the back of the card gently an send image of it

Send it now

So I can come pick you up swiftly

Let’s not waste time arguing, soon as you send the card I will be with you in 2mins

Lol. You are not giving me money okay, I am asking you to send the card so I can forward it to the agent and I come pick you up…. the cash is for me and the card for the agent remember

Scratch the card and send a picture of it then come over here at the lobby for the unforgettable service????

I swear no games sweetie

Give me a try and I promise you won’t regret it

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