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Best Platforms To Sell Your Pictures For Money

When you don’t have any money and need some cash, you have to find creative ways to make money. One such method is to sell pictures of yourself online for money. fortunately, unlike a few decades ago, this is now an effortless yet effective way to earn some dollars.

If you feel comfortable showing off your body or sharing your pictures, you can make money by selling your pictures online. It is purely legal, so you don’t have to worry about being assaulted or arrested for fraud.

Anyone can take advantage of this opportunity and make some money by following the methods we’re about to share. But before you jump into this market, it’s important to understand how it works and what platforms are available for selling your photos.

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to sell pictures of yourself online for money. We’ll also give you some tips on how best to sell your pictures for money and answer other questions you may have about getting paid for pictures of yourself.

Sites to Sell Pictures of Yourself Online for Money

The online market for photos is huge and growing rapidly. It includes different categories like stock photos, portraits, and artistic expressions.

Some platforms cater to all types of photographers and images, while others focus on specific genres or styles. Knowing where your photos fit will help you choose the right platforms and set the appropriate prices for your work.

Here are a few popular and trustworthy platforms that allow almost anyone to sell pictures of themselves online:

Your own website

If you have your own website, it’s a great place to sell pictures of yourself online for money. You can upload your photos on any page you like, such as in a portfolio or a blog post.

Here are some of the reasons why selling on your own website(s) is great:

You get to keep all the profits.
Your images stay online for as long as you want, so it’s like earning money without doing much.

Anyone can buy your photos.

You don’t have to worry about customer support or refunds because you have full control.

You can set your own terms of sale, including whether or not you accept refund requests.

It’s easy and free to create a website using website building tools. We also recommend you use a hosting provider that’s cheap and great for beginners with no technical experience. You would have to publicize your website, which can be a way to get money from interested rich people.

Social Media
Another option to sell your photos and make money is through social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. Post eye-catching pictures with good lighting and tag the site where you’re selling your photos. You can also include a link to your online store in your bio. Make sure to prioritize both local and international followers. Here is a guide where we’ve detailed out how to get foreign Instagram friends.

However, don’t forget to use hashtags when uploading photos on social media sites to allow your images to be found more easily by interested buyers.


Fiverr is a website where you can offer various services, including selling photos. It has a dedicated community of buyers looking to purchase your photos and artwork.

If you want to sell items with your photos on them, Printify is a great service. They allow you to sell pictures of yourself online for money and other products like hoodies, mugs, phone cases, and more with your own designs. When someone buys an item, Printify takes care of making and shipping it to the customer.

Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock is a stock photography platform where you can get paid for your photos. You upload your pictures and set them for sale, and when someone buys them, you receive an email notification.

Shutterstock is a safe platform to upload, sell, and share your photos. You can make good money as a Shutterstock contributor, but you need to give away your rights and exclusively use the images on an enhanced license.

People can buy and license images of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and more on this website. You can create a free account and start uploading your pictures. You can earn money by selling photos and also blogging on the site, which offers unique layouts for each post.


Sellfy allows sell not only images but also videos, music, and other digital goods. You can earn money through ads or by selling physical items like T-shirts with your own designs.

Flickr Creative Commons is a good choice if you don’t mind people editing or re-editing your photos before buying them. It has a large user base and active community. You can upload your photos and find potential buyers among millions of users and groups.

Photoshelter is another option to sell your photos online. It allows users to buy and license images from others. To sell photos on Photoshelter, you need to apply and become an approved contributor.

Crestock is a place where you can upload your pictures and get paid for your selfies. It’s easy to use, especially for beginners who want to sell pictures online.

You earn points on Crestock when people view your portfolio, buy your work, or contact you about using your photos. You can also gain points by giving feedback and helping others.


EyeEm is a platform for photographers and artists to upload their photos and sell them to clients. Unlike other websites, there are no restrictions on uploading and selling your pictures online.

EyeEm works with big brands like Mercedes, Adidas, and BMW, giving you more exposure. You can also choose who gets to use your photos.

You can sell your selfies and even pictures of your kids or pets. As long as your photos are available to the public, someone might want to buy them for their website, magazine, or book. Alamy is even considered no. 1 on Shopify’s top photo-selling websites.

iStock Photo
iStock Photo sells rights-managed and royalty-free photos. They accept submissions from photographers of all levels, whether amateur or professional.

Before your photos can be published for sale on their site, they go through an approval process. Many photos on iStock Photo are bought through subscription plans.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the largest stock photo agencies in the world, also considered on Hostinger as a top site to sell your pictures online for money. Photographers, videographers, and digital artists can submit their images to sell on this website.

But you should keep in mind that If you want to sell photos through Getty Images, you’ll need a UPC or ISBN. This is required by most retailers who buy pictures for resale.

Amazon Handmade
If you create handmade art that features your selfies, you can sell them on Amazon’s marketplace. Just sign up and upload photos of your pieces.

You can also upload your selfies and choose whether they will be available as digital downloads or printed on products like cards, shirts, and mugs.

DepositPhotos is a popular marketplace for selling photos online. You earn money when other websites and businesses use your photos as stock images.

If someone wants to use your photo on their website or blog, they pay a royalty fee to you. DepositPhotos takes care of the payment process.

CanStockPhoto is a leading provider of royalty-free images, photos, and footage files. Photographers upload thousands of new photos to the site every day.

It’s a great place to sell selfies online because you can filter your search by category and keywords to find images related to what you’re selling
Snapwire allows you to share your photos with brands, publishers, and small businesses that need images. When a user requests a specific photo, you can snap it and send it to them.

Snapwire makes it easy to take photos. Just open the app on your phone’s camera, follow their guidelines, and send the perfect image.


With Twenty20, you can sell any kind of image you want. You can upload pictures of landmarks, travel adventures, and unique experiences.

It’s a platform where photographers from all over the world can share their everyday life through photos. You have the opportunity to become famous by uploading your images online.

On Zenfolio, you can also sell pictures of yourself and make money. It’s easy to use and offers features like printing and packaging. You can create a private account to upload and edit your images in bulk.

One of the best things about Zenfolio is that it protects your privacy. Clients can access your photos using unique keys.

123RF is a company that sells affordable images and stock photography for websites and blogs. You can sell your selfies and other photos on their site. They also have an affiliate program where you can earn money by referring other photographers.

Agora Images

Agora Images offers a different way to sell your photos. Instead of just selling the rights to your selfies, you can improve and take on new challenges. Your rankings and ratings will help you get more opportunities to sell photos to different industries.

You can also participate in contests hosted by brands and win prizes or cash awards.

Scoopshot is an app where you can sell your selfies and set your own price. You can submit your work and earn more if it’s high-quality. Brands may also request tasks or hold contests where you can participate.

When you upload photos on Scoopshot, they can be used by online publishers for free. You earn a share of the advertising revenue when ads are embedded in your photos.

This is one of the foremost online platforms that allows photographers to sell their products, prints, and digital files worldwide. It provides a customized and professional way to showcase your work. You can create galleries and fully customize how your images are viewed by the public.


Dreamstime offers free storage for personal use and different licensing options for buyers. You can sign up for free or upgrade your account for more features. Basically everything you need to sell your photos online is there on Dreamstime.

Bylined is basically an app that connects photographers with big brands. You can participate in photo contests organized by brands like Nike or Oreo and have a chance to win money. It’s a great way to sell your photos to well-known companies.

If you want to sell pictures of your feet, Feetfinder is a great way to do that. Many people have made significant earnings on this site just by selling pictures of their feet.

You can sell royalty-free photographs on the site. The prices are based on file size. PhotoDune offers extra safeguards to protect participants, including a trusted seller’s reputation system.

Stockimo is a mobile app owned by Alamy. Stockimo allows you to sell photos taken on your phone. You can sell photos of anything you like and have the opportunity for success with this innovative tool. If you use a DSLR camera, you can upload images to other sites like Alamy.


You can sell your photos on Snapwire, including selfies, and earn royalties when others use your images. Thousands of people around the world are waiting to see your amazing pictures on Snapwire.

SmugMug Pro
SmugMug Pro is a popular paid service that offers features like unlimited storage and no ads. It’s perfect for professional photographers who want extra tools and optimized images for all devices.

Foap is a free app where anyone can sell their photos, even without professional experience. It’s a simple and easy way to make money selling your selfies.

This is a user-friendly site to sell pictures of yourself online. It’s perfect for beginners in photography. You can upload as many images as you want and start selling them in just a few steps.

Almost anyone who sells ‘creative stuff’ knows about Etsy. Its a very popular site where many self-portrait artists sell their photos and other handmade goods. You can join as a seller and start uploading photos to sell on Etsy.


Zazzle allows you to turn your photos into various products like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and calendars. You can upload your selfies and customize them. Zazzle provides marketing tools to help you promote your store.

Creative Market
Creative Market is an easy way to make money with your selfies. You can upload as many images as you want and sell them directly from your phone. It’s a user-friendly platform with editing tools and photography products.

This is an online marketplace for stock photography available in many countries. You can sell your selfies and other photos on Stocksy through their app. It’s designed with photographers in mind and offers pricing tools based on market demand.

Snapped4U is designed with photographers in mind and has a user-friendly interface. With thousands of users and millions of images uploaded every day, it’s a great choice.

You can upload and share your pictures with others who need images for various projects on Sharesix. It’s used by businesses, but there’s also a demand for personal photos, making it a good site to sell pictures of yourself.

PixMac is a hassle-free platform for selling photos. You can sell both digital images and physical prints. There’s no need for registration, and designing pages is made easy with their features.

Here’s a site where fans can support you by paying for specific content. You can post selfies, photos, blog posts, or videos and set a price per month or per creation. It’s another way to sell your selfies online to those who want them.

500px has millions of members. The free tier allows you to use their marketing tools and upload a limited number of pictures per week. If you’re new to uploading photos or want to test the platform before investing more, it’s a good option.

One great thing about Society6 is its large fan base, and plethora of features that allow users to upload their images in different sizes, styles, backgrounds, and effects.

Instafeet is another legitimate site where you can sell pictures of your body, focusing on specific body parts. So, if you’ve got great hands, feet, or even toes, you can make some bucks on this site.

Fotomoto allows you to sell prints of your work online. You can start making money by selling your photos. It’s easy to set up an account and has a large community of photographers, agencies, and companies interested in purchasing images.

Fan Sites
These are basically celebrity fan sites where people can pay for memberships to access exclusive content, including selfies. They may allow you to sell your photos on their site for a monthly fee, but it’s not guaranteed.

Image Vortex
Image Vortex is a cost-effective platform for listing and managing images online. You can sell your images on other sites through Image Vortex. The focus is on providing an easy-to-navigate

Tips to get paid for selling pictures of yourself online

Having spoken about the various platforms to sell pictures of yourself online for money, it is about time we gave you some tips to help put your stuff out there for potential buyers to see.

So, here are some tips to help you make money selling pictures of yourself online:

Take good-quality photos
Make sure your photos are clear and well-lit. Blurry or dark images won’t attract customers or receive good reviews.

Take shots from different angles
Capture your photos from various angles to provide customers with a better view. They want to see different sides and perspectives of each shot.

Make eye contact with the camera lens
When taking selfies, look directly into the camera lens instead of looking at the screen. This will create a stronger connection with viewers and build trust as a photographer.

Edit your photos
Enhance the quality of your selfies by editing them. Use photo editing apps or software to adjust lighting, apply filters, and make them look more professional.

Include a watermark
Add your name or brand as a watermark on each photo to let people know who took them. Also, include information about where they can buy prints of your photos.

Show off your social media profiles
Share your photos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Make sure your face is visible in the images and provide links to your profiles. This allows people to see more of your work and easily contact you for purchases.

Open an online shop
Consider opening an online shop to sell prints or digital copies of your photos. You can create a shop on your own website or use an existing e-commerce platform.

Learn effective SEO practices
Understand how to optimize your photos for better online visibility. Research and implement effective SEO techniques, such as using relevant keywords when uploading images.

Use Google Analytics

Track the data of your website or blog using Google Analytics. This will help you identify the best times and days to sell your photos when there is the most traffic.

Find your niche and build your audience
Determine what type of photos you’re comfortable selling and focus on a specific niche. Market yourself to attract the right audience who will be interested in purchasing your photos.

Start with non-revealing photos
When starting out, avoid posting revealing photos. Stick to pictures that are suitable for the public domain. You can begin by sharing images that don’t show your entire face. Let customers know where they can view these types of images if they are interested.

Post several images regularly

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two photos. Upload five or six images regularly to increase your chances of being discovered and making sales.

Use a professional email

Use a business-related email account when communicating with potential buyers. This adds a professional touch and gives you more credibility with buyers.

Be patient
Building a reputation and attracting customers takes time. Don’t rush things. Focus on delivering high-quality photos, as companies won’t want to buy low-quality ones, which will affect your sales in the long run.

Ask for feedback

Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from clients, especially if you’re starting out as a freelance model. Interacting with them will help you understand their preferences and improve your marketing strategy. Provide contact options like a contact form or email address for customers to reach out to you.

Things to keep in mind when selling pictures of yourself online

Use a payment service
In case you decide to go freelance (decide against using an online platform) or you want recieve payment for images you sold via any online platforms, you can use payment processing services like PayPal, Square, or Cash App.

However, it’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of these services, including their payment policies.

Stay anonymous
When it comes to buying and selling images online, protecting your identity is crucial. You might consider using a fake name or hiding your face in the pictures. It’s important to never share your personal details or location with clients. Be cautious and mindful when it comes to disclosing such information.

Understanding the terms and conditions

Always prioritize your comfort and well-being and approach this endeavor safely. Before submitting your images, do thorough research on the platform or company you’re dealing with. Make sure you understand all the requirements for each online platform to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make selling pictures of myself online?

While we can’t give an actual figure, the fact remains that you can make anything from a few dollars to a hundred and more selling your pictures online. Although this would depend on how in-demand your image is and what type of royalties are involved.

What kind of pictures do people pay for?
People would pay for almost any kind of pictures online. So far it meets their current needs (maybe a project for an advert on lip gloss) and it’s of high quality, then people would buy it.

What kind of photos to sell online?

You can sell almost any type of picture online. So far they’re not ‘adult-themed’ (although there are certain platforms that allow this), and if you’re not posting images that negatively portray children, or selling pictures of yourself as a minor, then you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts… Is it wrong to sell pictures of yourself online?
Sharing your personal images with friends and family online is perfectly fine, and you can even make some extra money by uploading them to image-sharing sites.

But, you need to be aware that selling pictures of yourself can be illegal if they are used for “adult” purposes in certain countries. To avoid any legal issues, make sure to check your state’s laws before uploading your photos to any online site.

It’s also a good idea to review the terms and conditions of the site you choose to sell your pictures on. Some websites have restrictions on certain types of content, even if it’s just a picture of yourself.

Ultimately, understand that posting images that negatively portray children is often against the law and can get you into trouble. You need to note that if you’re selling pictures of yourself as a minor, you could potentially face charges depending on the laws of your state or country.

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