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Shopping Format For Clients [Yahoo]

We Bring you latest Shopping Format for Yahoo at which you can easily use to Bill your clients when trying to shop for your clients.
Kindly copy and use the above

My love me and my daughter’s just woke up now and we want to prepare and go to the shopping mall

My dear I have just arrived at the shopping mall right now you just give me some time okay

You just relax ok are still shopping for their self when they are done we are all going to shop for you and get you everything I promised you okay I love you so much

my love i choose this beautiful bag for you I want you to have it because I believes that you love me from your heart and you are ready to accept me as a husband love you so much and that is why i gave you these beautiful bag please my dear accept it ok
It’s a gift from me to you

I hope you like the bag my dear

My love my I want you to have this beautiful watch from your heart because I believe that you love me so much ok just accept it from your heart thank you so much I’m sure you will like the watch
My dear I bought this beautiful watch for you because I promise that I will get you something special and this is the the watch I bought for you it is a golden watch I’m sure you will like it my dear because the watch Seller here said it is exactly your watch size so my dear I want you to accept it from your heart okay I love you so much my dear friend and I want you to be always happy and also trust me

Yes thank you very much for understanding me am very happy i will go straight to the cashier now to make payment for everything and then go straight to the delivery courier service so I will know how the package will get to you okay relax baby i has done it all for us

my dear i just arrived at the delivery courier company now
You wait okay I want to discuss with the delivery courier manager how the gift will get to you ok

My dear I have just finished talking to the delivery courier manager and I want to send it to you now, and he assured me the box we arrived in Indonesia in your your country in 15 hours or more because i used a good courier and it’s the fastest delivery courier…… it’s called express delivery ,so you should expect it

The delivery courier manager said immediately your package arrives in Indonesia within 15hours the agent who is in charge of your package will contact you on how to deliver your package to your house address okay and he said that you must follow his instructions okay
So my love promise me that you will follow the agent instructions when you’re contacted okay

I have hid 15,000 US Dollars inside the bag for you, and I’m sure this will be enough for your maintenance because I couldn’t buy everything you needed, I want to exchange dollars to Indonesia currency but there’s no time for me to do so okay I hope you understand ok so please when you receive the gift take the money inside to the bank and change it to Indonesia currency okay and please use the money wisely I really wanted to transfer but I can’t make international transfer my account hasn’t been upgraded for that please manage it okay okay because I love you so much dear

My love the delivery courier manager said the agent in charge of the box, will contact the receiver when the box arrives in Indonesia, i also pay the fees here, but the delivery courier manager said that when the box arrives in your country that the you will pay some local fee there before the gift will be brought to your house so please my love as soon as you are contacted tomorrow when the package arrive follow the instruction of the agent in charge of your gifts and make the little payment you will be asked to pay okay so that they will bring it to your address okay can you promise me my good love that you will make the payment and receive the package my dear friend the package will be delivered only when you have make the payment tomorrow just

My dear don’t worry okay I have given them your address and your active phone number and name too okay so just relax okay once the package arrive Indonesia they will deliver it to you okay

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