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Best Billing Scope For Your Clients To Make Him Pay

Bank Account Fmt

am so glad to know you’re gonna help out! you are one in a million do you know i didn’t rest a wink? i was just turning and rolling on my bed thinking how i was gonna come up with such an amount so as to be home will you be coming to pick me up at the airport and would be staying at your surely refunding isnt a problem.
Hun. you are gonna have to send it through the western union as

i don’t have any bank account in London and all access to my cards blocked ….here is my details below
My name is
Postal code is W1A 4BQ. co
all you have to do after making the transfer is to send me the transfer details. hopefully i could leave that same day to avoid staying too long in the hotel in other for bills not to keep accumulating…are u sending it tomorrow?


How are you doing?sorry I got a very sad news for you and you really have to treat this with urgent effect.I got a news from the immigration officers this afternoon when i went to airline agent to book that i would need to show BTA( Basic Transport Allowance) to the government before i will be able to check in to board the plane.I am so confused at the moment,all the immigration officer told me was that i will need to show the money to them at the point of entry before i could check in to board the plane.He said they are not collecting the money from me but it is just to show to them that is all and the BTA i have to show to them is 1500 Dollars and he said no one is collecting the money from me so i will give you back the money first thing when
we meet at the airport.hope hear back from you soon.



How are you doing?I think i dont know where to start from but this issue is so fraustrating right now.I have tried to get a hold of you through email since yesterday but i think luck was not on my side becuase i had a shocked yesterday and i ve been admitted in hospital.what happened was that i got to the western union point i got the money but unfortunately for me immediately i go the money from the lady at the western union some gang of fully armed robbers came inside and we were like 17 at the western union outlet yesterday.This men were fully armed with AK 47 and Bump Action all are Ahtomatic,i was highly scared and we all went straight to the ground.I tried to keep the money but it was too late the man came close me and said you stand up and said where is the money, he was pointing the AK 47 at me straight to my end and he said if you move i will shot you,i was so deverstated and i begged him seriously but henever answered,he dragged me closed to him and said you are so beautiful where is the money or i shot you i gave the money to him I cried alot and immediately that was what all i saw last before i found myself in hospital,but thank God i was not killed and i am still alive today to give the testimony of what happened.This have never happened to me before in my entire life and i pray never to experience such again in my life.i dont know what will happen now but you really need to come home.the police have assured me to escort me if you can get the money resent so i can leave to western union to pick it up,never mind i will pay you back in full.I know you will be so disappointed in me i want you to know it was not my fault.i know you have tried your best and i really appreciate all your efforts so much and i promise never to let you down.hope to hear back from you


How are you doing?i’m sorry i got a bad news for you,i really don’t understand what they are saying here and am scared am actually mailing you from the office of the London Drug law enforcement being accused of traveling with a contraband substance..its like there is this pill i use for dieting and slimming, its actually prescribed for me by my physician and its legal in the Australia. this is what was found in my bag now by police was termed contraband!so i don’t know what is going to happen.please get back to me as soon as you get this.


Thanks for getting back to me you a great friend indeed i just got an option now ,the drug officer is cooperating.luckly, the crime comes with an option of fine or jail term. the fine is $2,000. since i’ve agreed for pay the fine i may not be taking to i’m typing this am shading ters because i’m puting you in a lot of problem i’m really sorry for the incovinency. i know you’ve really tried for me in the last few days,but never mind i promise to pay you back in full as soon as i get back home just to get out from this country.hope to hear
thanks for getting back to me i really appreciate your effort on me i promise never to let you down.i have asked on how the money could be get sent to right here it is only through western union money transfer because i don’t have access to my account right now because it had been hacked. here are the info you need when you will need to get it sent via western union….
Name: mya scott
Address:51 buckingham place
Country…London UNITED KINGDOM.

I just go to any post office nearby around you and ask for western union when you get there you will get the money sent from there, i will send you my flight detail when i get booked so that you will know when im touching the ground and also if you don’t mind pick me up at the airport………….i will be very grateful if you can help me send it right now so that i can instruct the Airline agent to booked me out on the next flight out.
once you do send me the money send me the necessary info i will need to get the money here…..when you get the money sent you will be given 10 digit number and your full name in accordance that i will need here to pick the money…..when i get back i will pay you back,i promise i will not let you down.
looking forward to hear from you soonest.

I most appreciate your concern for me. I really most thank you. However, i found out that it’s impossible for you to pay for my ticket online here in UK.the few they are scared of scamming. I was told it’s only if you are the owner of the credit card and you’ll be using the ticket, what am saying is that the name of the card holder and the ticket to be bought most be both and the same. Besides, i’ve already paid part of the flight ticket with the agent.


This is Dr Gerrad From the fidelity medical centre London, here is miss sharon, the information reached that she collapsed and got unconcious while wanting to board the flight to United State yesterday night. It was from her laptop that we discovered that you were the last person that mailed her and she mailed and vice-versa, though she’s still unconcious but she will get well in no time. We went through some tests and realised that she has taken too much of clenbuterol which is so hard drugs that many people think it’s just a pill to slim down. It contains too much amounts of caffeine which is not safe for most people. It has caused serious problems and injuries for her, it’s still good with her now cos later it can be too late. I will take much of my time to expantiate more on the drugs so you can advise her to stop taking it and pass it on to others when she gets well. no matter what form the clenbuterol comes in, from extra espresso shots to caffeine pills (like NoDoz).Clenbuterol can make you feel awake and full of energy and you can loose weight within the short period, but when it wears off, your energy can come crashing down which is just happening to miss sharon.She must have heard people say �Just Say NO!� to drugs because they�re addictive and can hurt your health. But how much do you really know about drugs and other things that can mess with your mind and body?the dangers of taking this clenbuterol and when they come to know the extent of harm, the drugs can cause it is too late.Knowing the facts about drugs can keep you away from various health risks and prevent drug addiction. That’s why Clenbuterol is illegal in London as the effects can be serious for central nervous system and can also produce delusion.The effect of it varies as they can be helpful in giving you energy sometimes and reducing your weight when needed or harmful to the human body.There is not a single beneficial thing about taking drugs hence it�s beyond understanding why people take it.

I’m urging you to please let her know that Clenbuterol is so dangerous to health and she should do away from it if her life is still precious to her. I am sure you would take note of this. Thanks
When e come back u go come give am dis 1

Hello, there. Am Dr….. Am still mailing on behalf of miss Rose. Am happy to inform you that miss rose is responding to treatment and getting better, however, the hospital still need someone to get inconstant touch with from her and as you are the only one we know that knows her its expedient that we contact you to update you on her condition and latest development. Please your mail is crusial to us as miss rose is not a national and no next of kin here in the UK. More importantly, miss rose will need some prescription drugs but as she is sick, someone has to be responsible for her, even if to go give us the go ahead in case of a crucial medical decision regarding her health
Well, I’m fed up and I don’t know what to say again, I think I’ve been convincing enough by letting you to know the present situation I am in atm. It’s never my fault neither is it yours being stuck but I want it to ring at the back of your mind that either you help me or not, I’m still gon eventually make it back home then I’ll just try everything to locate you just for the benefit of doubt. I will never force you to help me, you can do only if you wish to. Please do take care of yourself. Xoxoxoxoxo
thanks for the love and concern about me,i really appreciate that from you i promise i will never let you down,i kindly get back to me as soon as possible and i will update you about my flight details as well in order for to arrange your self for the meet… i will putting on suit with black jacket…hope to read from you soon…

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