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Arab Dating Format For Yahoo

Use a very beautiful lady pics using Hijab Then Your first impression should be Salam Alaykum Note: Salam Alaykum and then start getting along, whenever he says something like we’re going to see one day Say

In Sha Allah Bi Qudrotulah Write it the same way I’m writing it Note In Sha Allah Bi Qudrotulah Whenever he say how are,how was your night and any hows directed to you….you say Al Hamdulilahi…

Then he’ll bring up Nikkah (wedding) Just tell him Allahu Halam This is where billing will come If he’s working in a construction company I’ll advice you first bill $325 If he’s working in oil company Bill him $210 first payment You’ll be surprised after the first payment You’ll now request he place you (Fulusul Zaojah) wife allowance $500 weekly (3).Step 3 He will request for your nudes you’ll say Rosululahi Salalahu Alaywasalam says La nikaha ilah biwaliyin wa muhalim wa sadakin wa sheyidaeen Meaning: Prophet Muhammad (SAW) it is not yet a marriage when your parents and guidance don’t have hands in it, and yet to pay dowry and the witness of my friends

Note: I take my time to learn Arabic for this job so if you’re having any arab translation problem contact me asap Then tell him you’ll send the nudes as soon as he’s ready to meet your parent Then you tell him you have a surprise package for him The next pay youll be the first person to inbox him your nude pics That day you can bill $1500 for your cousin who had an accident You’ll be surprisedAND SO ON AND SO ON BILLING NO GET ENDING USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE PEEPZ YOU CAN EVEN BILL FOR YOU PANTIES SND LINGERIESthey’re crazy about jewelry so request for gold jewellery Recieve it in Dubai or Turkey Malaysia don cast If you’re lucky you can get a gold jewellery worth 50k

.Tell him your parents are ok with him and they’re planning to meet him That is where the wahala will start Because the idiot already have 4wives He won’t want that to happen and he’ll say to meet in Dubai

You will play along and say he should let you go online and choose whatever hotel you want Now you can choose Burj Arab and calculate the price with you travel fee and everything $30k at times..

The biggest billing has to do with opening a siteBilling worth $25m Grind on Gees

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