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Coinceller App Activation Code

Coinceller App Software remains the best Bitcoin flasher ever known online.

Here are all the features you need to know about the coinceller app before purchasing its 8 digits activation code!!

Multiple Coins:
Unlike other crypto sending softwares which are specifically for sending bitcoin. With coinceller, you can send multiple coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, tron, USDT, LTC etc

Coin Duration:
Whenever you send crypto to clients address, the coins stays for 14days which is approximately 2weeks before it can then be cleared by the cent server.

Coin Transferable:
Within this period of 14days, the receiver is allowed to trade or transfer coins to six other wallets which is the maximum number of transfer patches.

Transfer limits:
There’s no limit to how much you can transfer in a single shot but have in mind that you are only allowed to use the app 4 times in every 24hrs irrespective of how much you transfer.

Supported Wallets:
Coinceller works for all crypto wallet providers such as Binance, Trustwallet, luno, blockchain, Coinbase and many others on the internet. It’s unlimited.

Coinceller Security:
Just like other bitcoin sender apps, any transaction made using Coinceller Pro is completely anonymous and cannot in any means be tracked.


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