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All Celebrities Formats & Documents For Yahoo

Are you yahoo boy searching for the latest format and quick paying updates?? Always follow our platform as we gonna be dropping more tips at which you can easily use to make money here online fast and reliable.

I guess you must have had about the celebrity format as an online hustler., incase you haven’t?? Than this is a great opportunity for you!!!.

What Is Celebrity Formats About All?

Anytime you think of celebrity format for Yahoo as a yahoo boy as generally known, you should also be thinking of a perfect billing format for your clients.

Celebrity format for Yahoo + Billing

Types of celebrity formats for Clients.

1.Entrepreneur Celebrity format:
2.Musician Celebrity format:

3.Elon Musk Celebrity format for Yahoo

4.Celebrity format for Yahoo PDF

Over the years, celebrity format for Yahoo still remains on the top lists for most and highest paying formats for clients.

In this article, we shall be exploring this formula in just simple methods and how to get started with ease.

As a smart fellow, Am sure you’re probably thinking you already have some ideas since we mentioned celebrities. Though it’s something almost everyone have its clues but not as easy as it sound.

Here in DarkWeb, we teach things that are helpful to your Hustle so you can always save our pages as PDF or even bookmarks for future reference. stay with us, you still have a lot to learn.

Celebrity format for Yahoo +Billing

With this headline you’re probably thinking of asking your clients for money as a top celebrity and to you it sounds suspicious but sincerely speaking this billing format still remains perfect in this age of Hustle.

One thing you should totally avoid if you must succeed in this format is using top celebrities such as American musicians in creating profiles.

The reason it’s difficult to Cashout is because most of the followers to these people are already aware they have verified pages across all social platforms. So your new page with little or no follow won’t make impact.

Even if you decide to use ordinary profile, your account will be at high ban risk and you may need to do so much work like posting often and with aged account to build trust.

Before we continue, let’s look at types of celebrities you should be looking at. Like I’ve said, most of them are not recommended for beginners like you who barely understand the formula in full. However, we shall be listening all for insights.

Types of celebrity formats for Clients


Elon musk is an entrepreneur and a celebrity so we have Elon musk Celebrity format.

We have the politician, musician, wrestlers, comedians, entrepreneur and many other celebrities. We Love making our articles swift and easy to read for many reasons especially because most of these formats can cover pages so we choose making them in pdf which contains everything you need to know. You can always chat us to buy any format you desire.

In the meantime, we shall be discussing the entrepreneur and musician format for celebrity work.

Entrepreneur Celebrity format:

In this format you should be impersonating some top entrepreneurs such as Elon mosk. You can check out other top 20 entrepreneurs on Google.

You can create a profile to impersonate any of your victims. You can start by promising your clients grants in expense of helping them achieve a particular goal.

To make it more legitimate, you can create a website e.g or something similar where most of clients need to see as landing page which will contain your profile and your offers.

But then to get this offer, they will need to pay some fees and that’s where the billing comes in. Furthermore, you can act like you’re doing a crypto giveaway from your billion dollar crypto wallets but beneficiaries can’t claim coins without paying some fees.

Designing a website to match this purpose will be lot easier as everything will be automated.

You don’t need to worry about them paying, so long they know and trust the original you they are definitely going to succumb.

The major reason why websites are recommended is because billing your clients on social medias aren’t recommended due to the high ban rate. You might end up losing your paying clients.

You shouldn’t worry about getting any type of website ranging from ordinary blog, crypto investment, delivery website, grant websites and lots more. Just contact us “our rate is affordable”.

Musician Celebrity format:

Who’s that musician that’s loved in your locale. You can use them in your Hustle “impersonation”.

Here, you are focusing on selling tickets to your followers for shows that will never hold. To make things real, you should follow the original you closely and know the real time they have shows. You can easily take advantage of that to sell your fake tickets.

Most of these clients are likely to Google if truly this artist have some upcoming shows as you’ve claimed so when they see such headlines on Google from different websites, they are likely to believe you are the one and indeed you’re holding show as portrayed.

Here’s a sample message you can use for bombing across social platforms or anywhere you can possibly thing of getting clients who might have interest in your show.

You can collect payments through zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, skrill, bitcoin and other digital currencies depending on the countries you are targeting.

The billing is usually little but imagine how much you will make in total by the end of the day since many people are likely to turn up for your show.

You Need?

Exploring this format, what you need most is a legit looking social profile and a website that best describes your offers.

To make your profile legit, you should go about following the real you to always get their updates which you will repost on your website and social platforms.

If you can follow this process thoroughly clients will find it difficult to recognize the Cloned from the original as many of them won’t even have second taught having seen your profile for the first time.

Most of these celebrities has been posting for years and this means you are expected to have lengthy scrolling on their timelines. To meet up with this target, you will have to be consistent in your posting. It’s a good way to build trust.

You can buy real and verified social accounts e.g verified instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tiktok etc for your work.

The reason is because they are likely to gain even more trust and since they already have some good amount of followers your start won’t be a difficult task.

Elon Musk Celebrity format for Yahoo

This is another complete format on it own but it’s not free. We call it private format because it’s targeting just one person.

With this Elon musk scamming format, you will learn how to get money from your clients with ease simply by impersonating musk.

You are getting photos of Elon musk “real private photos” not the usual ones you can easily download online.

Documents involved will be given to you with two fake ID’S “Identification card”.

In addition to that, you know that without trust it’s always difficult to Cashout using celebrity update so am going to share with you the latest trust format for celebrity work.

This format is working currently as men are cashing out.

Celebrity format for Yahoo PDF

There’s no way we can write about all you need to explode with formats instead we can only share you tips to get started and that’s what we’ve done.

If you are really interested in exploring this formula in full, you can contact us for the celebrity format for Yahoo PDF download.

It’s affordable and it contains everything you need. We hope to see you in our next article.

Samples Of Celebrity Formats For Yahoo

Hi everyone and I need to address an issue that is really starting to piss me off Endless. I’m sick of people saying I’m a celebrity. I’m a star, I’m famous and I’m rich, we all know that. Everyone seems to forget me as a man, as well as being all of the above, I deserve to be treated like a man loved like a man and cared for like a man, everyone seems to put a label on me when I’m only human. I just need to be loved and cared for and respected for who I’m not or what I’ve achieved. That’s why I feel so alone because everyone only sees that level. I stand behind the label for being a caring, compassionate, loving, loyal, funny, humble man, who has a heart of gold, pure soul, good spirit, awesome nature. Yes, I worked very hard to get where I am now, but I started like everyone else from the bottom up. I sacrificed my life for everyone to entertain everyone to make people happy to spread love so I need to be respected as a man and not just a celebrity or label. I hope you all agree with me. God bless you all and I wish you all the best that life can offer you. ❤️❤️❤️???

Sample 2:


In fact I see that you are one of my big fans ? and I have seen your lovely comments and your likes on my page, God has a reason for all purposes

Fan.. thanks for being a fan and liking my page and movie may god almighty bless you..

Nice meeting you fan and spotting my dream and carrier may counties to God bless you always

How long have you been following me on social media on my fan pages?

How long have you been following me on social media on my fan pages?

Where are you from?

What is your real name and how old are you?

Thank for being my great fan so far and God counties to bless you and protect you

Have you written to any of my manager or agent handling those fan pages before?

You know so many imposters here claiming to be me while they ain’t me, and it keeps on getting me so upset?

So for that reason, I’ll be giving you a code, this is to show you that I’m real and the only can yaman here..
Don’t give this code to anyone. And don’t accept any other requests from anyone claiming to be me

I Know you’re supprise talking to me directly, yes it’s me can yaman this is my personal account.

Yes I don’t use social media, but I had to create this page because I’ve been going through your comments and likes on my official page, and I decided to write you up.

I don’t have full access to this account I have my mid term I just check once in a while…. it’s your lucky day

I must say I have enough respect for you considering the Manner in which I have made contact, I’m very glad that you are fan of mine.may God bless you some more

Oh! Great… I don’t chat much on here, and it was nice talking to you here, I don’t know if you have a safer chat zone?

I’m more on my WhatsApp, talking to my business clients and producers, but I can give you the chance to be on my WhatsApp if that’s good with you.

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