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Blackmailing Billing Format For Yahoo

The blackmailing format for client has been in existence for a very long time though was pretty done in a different method order than digital.

As time goes on, it was made fully digital causing the blackmailing format for client even easier to achieve.

When using this means to extort money from your clients, you should consider certain questions in mind such as.

What are the penalties when caught?
Is blackmailing a serious Crime?
It all depends on the country where you’re being caught. But have in mind that in whichever way, you are likely to go for it because it’s a serious crime in most countries if not all.

However, there are various means through which one can do this business without getting caught or even legalizing blackmailing yahoo format for clients.

By now, Am sure you’re wondering how possible it could be. As we continue, you will understand properly.

Yahoo blackmailing format can come in different ways.

You can save or download below format in PDF so you can read anytime you desire.

Examples of blackmailing format for client

The moment you start hustling as a professional using the blackmail format for client, you should definitely start sorting for different means to get your clients or victims.

Some of the easy methods are listed below.

SexXual blackmailing format for client:
This method is common among yahoo boys. It’s similar todating and romance scam .

In this format, you will have to join different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc searching for loves as it’s surposed on your profile.

When you finally get the target client, you tell them how much you love them until they love and trust you so much. Now you can start getting se-x chats with them.

You have to do this effectively until they go wet. When this happens, you can ask for their nu_de photos. In as much as you’ve put them in the mood, they are likely to send this photos.

You are required to do this repeatedly until you have enough of this types of photos showing their real faces.

After some time, you can then bring up quarrel telling them you’re suspecting they they’re going out with some other men and as result, you are going to publish their Nu_de photos online as a revenge.

When this happens, they will begin to beg. Then you can place them on billing by asking any amount from them depending on how wealthy your clients is.

You can do this continuously until they can no longer pay. I mean till they go broke.

Emotional Blackmail format
This is similar to the first method but in this case, you can use your real face. It’s also getting them to love you through any means and after loving you, you can then start playing with their emotions.

This format need some time because your client is required of much trust and love before they can be victimized.

When i mean using your face, it’s mostly applicable for white guys. If you’re black it might not work out as expected.

This won’t look like scam to the clients if they see you always. They will assume they’re truly in love and that they are in control of everything happening at that moment.

When you finally captured them with your love and they are so addicted they can’t even do without you. Then you can start asking for money and they won’t hesitate to pay.

The Defamation Blackmailing format
Here’s how it works. You need to find a target who you know is connected to a related crime.

Mail them that you are aware of the act they carried out recently and that you’re going to expose them unless they agree to pay.

They can be politicians, lawyers or other top stars. They are likely to deny it in the first place but will later reconsider depending on how well you arranged your claims.

Here’s an example.

I know of our neighbor who usually sleep with a married woman around. Though I’ve never caught him before but heard about it.

I sent him an email or even text message claiming am aware of how he’s sleeping with a man’s wife who’s your best friend and they you are going to expose him because you’ve got some proofs as you planted some cameras on the last hotel his operation was carried out.

You can tell him you aren’t going to send the camera so it won’t look like blackmailing until the proof is rightly needed perhaps by the police or the man who is your best friend.

If truly the client is a victim of this act, even without being specific about everything, they are likely to fall for it because they will be so scared you’ve caught them already and even on cameras.

How to Collect payment on Yahoo blackmailing format

The major challenge is collecting payment from your clients. It all depends on the person you’re targeting but the major ways through which you can take payments are:


The Bank payment method is important because most of the clients may not know how to use bitcoin or other digital currencies.

However, you are not advised to use personal account in doing this shits as you might get tracked down. You should rather use offshore bank accounts.

If you think the bank method is not safe by you, the alternative is attach the payment guide on how to pay with bitcoin or any of your desired methods.

This blackmailing format can be practiced in various places such as through.

Instagram, dating sites, Facebook, Twitter, and even postal office.

How to blackmail via email

If you are careful and observant, you must have noticed some emails sent by random users telling you to pay certain amount to their bitcoin address with different threats.

You overlooked the email message because you know nothing related to the writeup. Do you know that same writeup has made many people to pay?. Thats because they know something in regards to the faked inscription. That’s how it works.

You can scrap email from social platforms, forums or even buy email lists online.

There are different bulk email services you can use in sending max email at a single click even though it may cost you some cents.

How to blackmail on social media

Another method through which you can catch your clients is via social platforms. But in this method, you should be good in Hacking Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

When you hack into victims accounts, try go through their personal messages to see the type of dirty chats they’ve got. Even in most of the accounts, you get photos worth using. Some are sent by the partners of the account owners.

In addition, when observed closely, you will see some chats worth using. You can then contact the clients with a different details and start blackmailing them using the messages you’ve got on the hacked social profiles.

The social media method makes it easy to get sure clients.

Conclusion: Blackmailing format for client PDF download

What you need to succeed this format is the weakness of your clients. The moment you know something about them, boom. They are ready to pay for cover up.

If only you can do it right, the format is easy to explore and without getting caught.

I hope to see you in our next article.

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